Sunday, 7 August 2016

How Can People Deny Facts That Are Exploding in Front of Their Eyes?

In other news this month, ISIS released the fifteenth edition of their magazine, 'Dabiq', which my local newsagents never seem to have in stock, in which they explicitly stated the main reasons they oppose the west. The fact that most westerners are non-Muslims and the fact that our societies largely adhere to liberal and secular values, or are moving in that direction, as well as a tolerance of atheism, were all stated as being the primary motivations for their hatred of us. Whilst they also  highlighted foreign policy, they stipulated that this was only a secondary factor and that even if the west was to refrain from intervening in the affairs of the middle east they would still despise and attack us.

Unfortunately, there will still be those on the regressive left, even when you quote ISIS own words back to them, who will still want to blame the west for the actions of ISIS and who will continue to deny that ISIS, along with other variants of Islamic extremism, have anything to do with a version of Islam. Personally, I have found when debating with anti-western westerners that facts and the jihadists own publicly declared motivations are no match for the regressive left's narcissistic self hatred for their own societies and their devotion to living in denial of facts that are literally exploding all around them.

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