Sunday, 10 September 2017

The Patriarchy is Dead! Long Live the Patriarchy!

Barely a week goes by without someone in the media or the political sphere bombarding us with the notion that the male gender and particularly straight white ones are responsible for all of society’s ills, both real and imagined. The Guardian newspaper have several columnists that promote this narrative and even have a section entitled ‘The Week in Patriarchy.’ Throughout the media in these islands the feminist delusion that women in Britain and Ireland, along with Muslims and black and gay people, are all being oppressed by the brutish straight white male patriarchy is everywhere. Sure, there are bigots, sexists and racists there always has been, but the notion that society is governed by a 'systemic' straight white male patriarchy just doesn't stand up to scrutiny. The British Prime Minister is a woman and there are several other female cabinet members, including one who is gay, as well as members from ethnic minority backgrounds. Just under half the shadow cabinet are women, five of whom are from an ethnic minority background. The Scottish government is led by a woman, as was the Northern Irish executive when it was up and running. The Republic of Ireland's Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, is the openly gay son of an Indian immigrant. In the 2017 British election, there were a record number of black and ethnic minority and gay and female MPs elected. If this is the straight white male patriarchy keeping everyone else in their place they really need a new strategy as they are failing spectacularly.  

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