Saturday, 9 December 2017

Canadian Conservative MP Defends Liberal Values, While Fake Liberals Edit A Guide to Remove Condemnation of FGM and Forced Marriage

Canada is led by a supposedly liberal party headed up by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a Tim nice but Dim type with a cognitively dissonant virtue signalling sock collection. Trudeau also likes to flaunt his feminist credentials, in so far as he believes that feminism is still about treating women equally to men. I don't think we have reached peak virtue signal with Trudeau just yet though. Any day now, I expect him to come out as a lesbian identified man (that really is a thing!) However, Trudeau and his pseudo-liberal party are not so quick to robustly defend the rights of all Canadian women and future female citizens of Canada immigrating to the country. If you are a woman of white European stock they've fully got your back, but if you are from a brown skinned back ground things get a little bit more nuanced when it comes to speaking up for your rights.

In July of this year, Trudeau's government, in a draft citizenship guide for immigrants applying for Canadian citizenship, rewrote the previous conservative government's guide in order to exclude a passage that referred to the aptly titled "barbaric cultural practices" of female genital mutilation, forced marriages and honour killings. One of Trudeau's favourite soundbites is that diversity is Canada's greatest strength. However, it is possible to value a degree of cultural variety by say being open to a cornucopia of culinary experiences and perhaps marrying someone with more attractively exotic features than yourself. It would be great though if someone could please explain to Canada's Liberal Party that it is possible to welcome the aforementioned kind of diversity whilst shouting from the rooftops that we will pass on the so called honour killings and the hacking off of little girls' genitals. One can not claim to be a defender of liberal values if you are reticent to assert to immigrants that these practices and the beliefs that underpin them have no place in a liberal democracy.

Throughout the entire western world, politicians who claim to be liberal are intent on importing vast numbers of people without robust regulation from Muslim majority countries where illiberal cultural practices are rife, therefore making it impossible for us to ensure we are only accepting immigrants who will integrate and respect our hard fought for freedoms that it took us centuries to wrestle from our own illiberal theocrats.

For conservatives and classical liberals, our concerns about immigration have nothing to do with race or skin colour and we oppose any kind of exclusive ethnic nationalism or racial supremacism. We believe that immigration can be beneficial to society, many of us are ourselves immigrants, or the descendants of immigrants, or from an ethnic minority background. We are not racists. What we are concerned with is the beliefs and customs that people have and ensuring that newcomers conform to a set of basic values so as to ensure a degree of social cohesion.

What we seek is to conserve our freedoms from being diluted or supplanted by illiberal forces through ensuring we have a more tightly regulated immigration system so as to separate the wheat from the chaff. We welcome the middle eastern and African Christians and atheists/agnostics fleeing Islamist persecution and the genuine moderate Muslims who don't aspire to live under sharia law and don't have a penchant for driving over infidels in trucks or attacking satirists with meat cleavers. 

Ironically, these days, it is more often conservatives and many Christians, who universally defend the supremacy of western classical liberal values that slowly emerged during the philosophical Enlightenment in Europe between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries.

One such conservative champion of these values is the Canadian Conservative Party MP, Michelle Rempel, (see video below) who unlike her Liberal Party colleagues in the Canadian parliament has no problem in asserting that western liberal values are superior to cultures without them. She has shone the light on Trudeau and his cabinet of liberal imposters who would rather avoid the charge of racism than loudly and explicitly assert that there is no room in Canada for barbaric cultural practices.

One of liberalism's greatest philosophers, John Stuart Mill, formulated the harm principle  in his book 'On Liberty', in which he stated that the state has a duty to intervene to prevent people actively doing harm to other individuals. If Canada's Liberal Party can't even assert they wish to defend basic liberal principles of preventing people harming others then to what extent can they even call themselves liberal? In many instances throughout the west, the conservation of liberal values has become a conservative position.

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