Sunday, 22 July 2018

Why is it racist to prefer your own culture?

(This article was also published here in the Conservative Woman)

The scientist and celebrity atheist Richard Dawkins has been accused of being racist and 'Islamophobic' for saying he prefers the sound of church bells to the Islamic chant of allahu akbar.

 It is beyond ludicrous to assert that preferring sounds that are familiar to you or that you have a cultural attachment to is indicative of being racist. I am guessing though that this charge will only be levelled against westerners & people of European origin and that no Pakistanis will be accused of being far right for preferring the superior vocal prowess of the Sufi singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan to the saccahrine ballads of Ed Sheeran. 

Similiarly, no Turks will be accused of fascist leanings for stating they find kebabs more tasty than welsh rarebit. For the social justice left it is racist for westerners to value their own cultures first and foremost, but it is seen as inclusive and a celebration of multiculturalism to allow certain ethnic and religious minorities to live separately & value their origins. Surely, the real discrimination here is that Richard Dawkins is being held to a completely different standard  than the many British Muslims who won't be branded as bigots or racists for stating they prefer Islamic traditions to Christian ones.

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