Saturday, 21 December 2019

It's the most wokeful time of the year

There really is no escape from the unrelenting wokeness. It now pervades almost every sphere of public life. You can't even do some Christmas shopping for little kids without some right on types trying to inculcate them, as I discovered perusing the books in an ideologically inclined kids toy shop today. Seriously, I doubt there is a seven year old girl anywhere who has written to Santa asking for a copy of 'F is for Feminism- An Alphabet book of empowerment,' which has drawings of empowered Muslim women covering their heads as instructed by their male relatives. A more apt title might be 'F is for FGM', of course, marketed at young adults and not eight and nine year olds.

This is actually the crux of the issue for me, apart from not being entirely congruent in my views with some of the content of the books (see attached photos), I don't think that very young children should have any political ideologies thrust upon them and especially so at Christmas time. I'd be just as annoyed if I saw political books that reflected my own political biases geared at young children. While I might find a Douglas Murray satirical colouring book version of 'The Strange Death of Europe- Immigration, Identity, Islam,' aimed at seven year olds to be an afternoon well spent, somehow I don't think my young nephew would find any enjoyment colouring in drawings of mutilated corpses in the aftermath of an Islamist joyride. Political books aimed at young children are something that only the post modernist identitarian left seem to engage in. As passionate and all as she is about the absurdity of transgenderism, I can't imagine the likes of Posie Parker writing a book for eight year olds entitlted 'Just because Dad has chopped his todger off doesn't make him your Mum.' Aren't Christmas gifts for young children supposed to be fun and give them some pleasure or utility, rather than instruct them in their parents political and social views? The world and all its divisions and woes will take up long enough of any human's life. We should allow children their innocence for as long as is possible without filling their heads with the concerns of the adult world.

Once I completed my shopping, not in that dreadful woke toy shop, I headed off to get a bus. In the bus queue, there was a young heterosexual couple of about twenty years of age holding hands, accompanied by their female friend of a similar age. They were so close to me in the queue that I had the misfortune of being able to hear their conversation. The male of the couple, the transphobic bigot that I am, I presumed that his beard and Adam's apple were indicative of him being a male. However, I was made aware of my thoughtcrime when he explained to what any sane person would assume to be his female friend that he was 'non-binary.' I wanted to tell him to stop being mental, but instead I got on the bus and thought to myself how have we arrived at a state of affairs where bearded twenty year old men are going around telling people they are neither male or female and not only are people taking them seriously, but this particular clown has managed to pull himself an attractive girlfriend. Next year, I'm doing my shopping online.

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