Monday, 25 May 2020

Why a Sinn Fein government would churn the stomach of many people in Ireland

In the Sunday Independent on 24th May 2020, Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald stated that IRA terrorism was 'justified.' During the IRA's terror campaign, Sinn Fein were the minority nationalist party in Northern Ireland. In the Republic they had minuscule support and were viewed as pariahs by most of the population. Sinn Fein like to portray themselves as the most patriotic party in Ireland, but how can they really claim to love their country when for most of their history they defied the will of the people? Mary Lou McDonald's defence of the Provisional IRA is a repudiation of the democratic wishes of the Irish people, north and south, nationalist and unionist during the Troubles. Along with supporters of loyalist terror organisations, Mary Lou McDonald takes the side of an organisation that held the views and wishes of the majority on this island in utter contempt. So much for their unity aspirations. As someone with family in both the unionist and nationalist communities, I prefer the kind of unity that brings people together rather than blowing them apart.

Anyway, here is just a short excerpt from the litany of atrocities that were part of the terrorist campaign that was 'justified' according to Mary Lou McDonald:

-April 1981:The murder of 29 year old mother & census collector Joanne Mathers for the 'crime' of collecting forms.

-November 1974: Birmingham Pub Bombings. 21 dead. 182 injured. 
The police and emergency services were greeted with the mutilated corpses and body parts of young pub goers strewn all over the wreckage of the Mulberry Bush and Tavern in the Town.

-June 1996: Murder of  Garda Detective Jerry McCabe in attempted IRA robbery of post office van delivering cash in County Limerick.

-March 1972: Abercorn Restaurant bombing. 2 dead. 130 injured. 
Bomb explodes on a Saturday afternoon in a packed Belfast restaurant popular with women and children from both communities. Two young Catholic women, Anne Owens 22, and Janet Bereen 21, are killed outright. Of the injured many were severely maimed. Injuries included, limbs blown off in the blast, eyes gouged out from flying glass, facial disfigurements and life long psychological trauma. The IRA initially denied responsibility, but former IRA members have confirmed to journalist Ed Moloney that the IRA carried out the attack as the Abercorn was frequented by off duty soldiers.

-April 1984: Murder of Mary Travers. The Travers family were on their way to church when the IRA ambushed them and attempted to murder their father, Thomas Travers, a Catholic magistrate, who they shot six times in the attack.  He survived and in a 1994 letter to the Irish Times had this to say:

"Mary's murder was carried out by a member of an evil and brutal criminal organisation. Some of her killers were members of the murder machine, self-named Provisional IRA. At least one was a member of political Sinn Féin... May I say that on the day my lovely daughter was murdered her killer tried to murder my darling wife also. At that time Mary lay dying on her mum's breast, her gentle heart pouring its pure blood on to a dusty street in Belfast. The murderer's gun, which was pointed at my wife's head, misfired twice. Another gunman shot me six times. As he prepared to fire the first shot I saw the look of hatred on his face, a face I will never forget."

June 1990: Murder of 65 year old retired RUC officer Jim Sefton. IRA place booby trap bomb in the elderly man's car, killing him and critically injuring his wife.

These are just a few snippets of the IRA's terror campaign across these islands. Let's not forget the kangaroo courts and the summary executions of suspected informers, including a child with learning difficulties. Of course, Republicans will continue to try and justify the IRA terror campaign because of high profile atrocities committed by a small number of state forces on incidents like Bloody Sunday. How can Republicans justify responding to the killing of civilians with the killing of significantly far more civilians than rogue elements within state forces were ever involved in? As moderate nationalist politicians pointed out, the IRA assumed this role and authority for themselves in defiance of the majority of people in the nationalist community in Northern Ireland. Irish Republicans are trying to rewrite Northern Ireland's history and paint the IRA and their supporters as a minority facing oppression when the truth is they were one of a number of terrorist organisations oppressing the majority.

If former Prime Minister David Cameron can stand up in the House of Commons and condemn the killings of civilians on Bloody Sunday why can't Mary Lou McDonald now unequivocally condemn IRA terrorism? The British state has held its hands up and admitted there were times its forces acted reprehensibly. It has apologised and admitted wrongdoing.  How can Sinn Fein, whose armed wing were responsible for a significantly greater number of civilian deaths than the state, including against nationalists, still claim their campaign was in any way justified? Aside from their murders of civilians, their attacks on the security forces in both jurisdictions of these islands were also reprehensible and devoid of any democratic mandate.

In 2002, the IRA issued an attempt at an apology for the civilian deaths it caused in which they laughably claimed they didn't intend to kill civilians.While some of their members may have not, I'm sure the families of Joanne Mathers, Mary Travers, Brighton, Enniskillen, La Mons et cetera et cetera, might have a very different view on that issue. Meanwhile, they hypocritically campaign for prosecutions of former soldiers for alleged crimes while convicted IRA murderers remain free under the Good Friday Agreement.

Sinn Fein's surge in support in the Republic of Ireland has come largely from younger voters who have no memory or knowledge of the reality of IRA violence. They have been hoodwinked by Sinn Fein's woke virtue signalling and promises of an economic utopia in tiocfaidh ar la la land. Sadly, there are some too, who would have opposed Sinn Fein and the Provisional IRA during the troubles, but in recent years have fallen for Sinn Fein propaganda that they were merely responding to state oppression. If Sinn Fein ever take the reigns of power in the Republic of Ireland they will attempt to rewrite Irish history and give retrospective sanction at state level to a terrorist organisation that murdered 1696 individuals across these islands, almost half of whom were civilians. To say this would be stomach churning to the vast majority of the electorate who rejected Sinn Fein at the recent election is an understatement.

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